Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Entering Juried Exhibits

artshow.com is my favorite resource to check for upcoming juried art exhibits.

Where do you look?

Some key things I check before entering a juried exhibit:

1. Who is the judge?
What type of work does the judge like, as evidenced by their own work (if an artist) work they collect (if a collector), or work they exhibit (if a gallery owner). What type of work has the judge selected for acceptance and awards in previous juried exhibits? Do a Google search to find out more.

2. What type of prizes will be awarded?
Will it benefit me to enter? In what ways...if I win and if I don't?

3. Will my work fit in with the style preferred by the show organizers?

4. What are the additional costs of entering?
Aside from the entry fee, are there shipping costs or booth fees? Do I think that my income will outweigh the expenses?

5. What are my chances for increasing exposure to my art?
What type of press coverage does the event receive? How respected is it in the art community? Is this a local exhibit, regional exhibit, or will it attract national attention?

I entered art exhibits for many years without paying attention to most of these details, just assuming that my work would speak for itself. It's not going to make much impact if you are speaking to the wrong audience. Once I started researching and only entering exhibits that matched my goals and interests, my acceptance and award percentage went up significantly. I encourage you to do the same.

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