Monday, March 9, 2009

Art Leagues and Critiques

I just returned from a dinner/social/critique session with the Lake Norman Art League. I joined this Art League (and later a couple others) shortly after moving to Charlotte from Maryland. This was a great way to meet people with similar interests and get plugged into the local arts community. If you do not participate in a local art group, I encourage you to search for ones in your area and attend a couple meetings and exhibits to see if you would fit in. Benefits include connecting with fellow artists, participating in exhibits, networking, finding out about local events and having an outlet to help market your own, plus many more.

We had a critique session tonight. Each person could bring one work, give a brief introduction of themselves and the piece, and receive helpful feedback from fellow artists. Many commented they had never stepped back far enough from their piece and were seeing things in a new perspective. Others had not reflected on the impact matting and framing can have on a piece. It is important in every artist's growth to seek out feedback from other artists.

If you don't have an art league or critique sessions in your area, I encourage you to help get them started. Get involved in your local arts community in whatever way you can. Make your voice and interests heard. I did not participate much after college when I lived in Virginia and Maryland and the contrast between then and now is abundantly clear.

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