Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Red and Black Plums (SOLD)

This is the next painting in the 125 series. I am currently working on a commission due at the end of this month, so that is my top priority for the next few weeks. I'll continue to create new paintings in this series as time permits. I had hoped to be able to juggle teaching, the commission, and this series, but it wasn't reasonable. I look forward to getting back to this series regularly after the commission.

Red and Black Plums - Original Still Life Painting by Paul Keysar

Red and Black Plums
Oil on Masonite

I started this painting last week, intending to send it out Saturday, but had a hard time getting the plums to look right. The first approach wasn't working, so I had to take a different approach, one that I should have started with from the beginning. My first approach was to paint the colors as I saw them on the surface. The approach that I needed, which ended up working, was to look past the surface light (reflections) to the base color of the plums, and then working wet on wet, to build up the colors, ending with the reflections.

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