Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Recent Happenings

I just returned from a very eventful trip up to Maryland. The landscape painting workshop at Belle Haven Park in Alexandria, Virginia (June 21-22) went really well. I will be planning another workshop in the DC area for early August.

The next workshop I will be teaching will be July 12-13, 2008, in southwest Charlotte, North Carolina, at the McDowell Nature Preserve. This workshop is a plein air landscape painting workshop overlooking Lake Wylie. It is from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. each day and is limited to eight (8) participants. Please call 704-596-1286 or email me if you would like to take this workshop or would like to be notified of future workshops or classes in the MD/VA/DC or Charlotte areas.

I recently completed two commissions for a client in DC.
Moving to the Shade - Original Realism Landscape Painting by Paul Keysar

Moving to the Shade
10" x 14"
Oil on Linen
© 2008

Black Angus Grazing in the Countryside - Original Realism Landscape Painting by Paul Keysar

Black Angus Grazing in the Countryside
10" x 14"
Oil on Linen
© 2008


Ellen said...

Hi Paul, I love your use of shadow in the foreground of your oil paintings. I see that you paint on linen. I have only used canvas. What is this linen all about and can i buy it in an art supply store? All the best.

Ellen Lalonde


Hi Ellen,

Thank you for the compliments. The use of shadow is following an old rule of composition. You can see some examples and a discussion on the use of shadow in composition on James Gurney's blog. I am using the shadows in these two paintings to create a flow for the eye to move through the paintings and rest on the cattle.

About linen, please see my 2/28/09 blog post "Linen versus Canvas".